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Extend The Value Of Your Event. BEYOND THE ROOM!

Ensure Your Event Investment Is Insured By Having All Key Sessions and Speakers Live Illustrated and Visually Captured

What People Say About Us…

Don’t WE as in YOU and I have the Greatest Opportunity to Emblazen an Extraordinary Event Experience on your Business’ Brains

We will illustrate your individuals interactions capturing their insights instantly allowing for real-time reflection and interpretation.

Create memorable manuals we will have your training terrifically transcribed in pages of pictures.

We will help your people find relationships and patterns they have never seen before through powerful pictures of your presentations.

Your delegates will make better decisions, think differently and your audience will take action while live scribing will synthesize your stories so they can be easily shared back in the business.

Your meeting will be undeniably understood and remembered, the information retained in a radicool hand drawn report that maximizes your meeting Return on investment taking the intangible and making it tangible.

Your event engagement will be exponential as we express the emotions, energy and experience of your participant’s event journey in cartoons.

The water cooler will be a buzz with the wonderful wacked out way your workshop was visually written on whiteboards.

Why would YOU NOT ensure your Event, Offsite, Workshop, Speech, OR Training is Remembered, turning the Intangible Tangible and giving your participants something to walk away with and communicate back to their colleagues. Creating a Unique Experience for YOU and YOUR audience that will be Talked about OVER and OVER again!


We will help you create that with Graphic Recording OR Graphic Facilitation the live illustration of your keynotes, speakers and conversations! Creating Graphical Memories for your participants!

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Graphic Recording is Both A Process And Product


Our artists are active present listeners. Standing to one side of your event or meeting with whiteboards and pens they silently listen to your speakers, facilitators and audience with presence and intent.

They then take the key points and thoughts of what they have heard and interpret this in to words and pictures. Drawing these interpretations on to the whiteboard. Modelling the journey of the conversation and reflecting back to the audience what they have said in what we call a “Visual Story”.

This process continues from the start to the finish of your meeting unless otherwise arranged.

These images are then digitally photographed, brought into the computer to be fixed up and coloured ready for projection, print or email to your participants. Where they can share the awesome event experience with their colleagues!


This is an extremely effective tool and collaboration device and many companies all over the world are starting to understand the benefits of using graphic recording and Visual Storytelling at their events and in their communication tools.

At the end of the session you walk away with colourful engaging communications of your event.

Something your participants will read, share, keep and treasure. 

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Not Just Pretty Pictures! Graphic Recording Has Scientifically Proven Benefits!

These are the Real Reasons To Use This Superior Communication & Engagement Tool In Your Next Meeting or Event!

Our Brains Love Visuals & Stories

Our brains were made to process pictures. 80 percent of the information we process every moment is visual and 20 percent of our brains are used purely for vision (Tate 2015). That visual system in your brain interacts with at least half of the rest of your brain; so taking notes using visuals is more attuned to the way our brains actually work. 

Sixty five percent of people learn better visually

Visual Storytellers develop drawings that act as metaphors for the ideas behind your content – acting as “memory joggers” in your brain. When companies talk about growth, it can be drawn as a tree or growing plant. Idea generation can be represented by a light bulb, and systems can be drawn as machinery. Similar abstract ideas or stories are made more tangible when paired with a visual metaphor. When you associate an idea with an image, that is associated to a story told,  you’re more likely to remember and understand that concept.

Colour visuals increase a person’s willingness to read by 80 percent

Having trouble getting people to pay attention to “boring” content? Researchers have found that color visuals increase a person’s willingness to read by 80 percent. (Green, 1989).

Graphic Recording Helps People Remember Your Presentation More

People “remember 80 percent of what they see and do, 10 percent of what they hear, and 20 percent of what they read (Lester, 2006). Words are abstract and difficult for the brain to retain, but visuals are concrete and more easily remembered – a concept in psychology called the Picture Superiority Effect (Krum, 2014). A study found that participants who viewed only text remembered 10 percent of what they read after three days. But those who viewed text paired with visuals remembered 65 percent of the information three days later (Medina, 2008).

Visuals are concrete and more easily remembered

Our ability to recall pictures is far better than our ability to recall words. In fact, “we can remember up to 2,000 pictures with only a little learning, and recognize them days later” (Tate 2015). Since graphic recording summarises conversations with pictures, they make those conversations more memorable

Graphic Recording Improves Comprehension & Understanding

Our eyes are constantly looking for concepts to latch onto – and we are much better at finding concepts in visuals than in text (Trafton, 2014). In fact, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text (Semetko & Scammell, 2012). That means when graphic recordings are incorporated into a conference or meeting, most of the audience will be able to understand what’s being said more quickly.

Visuals during meetings creates more ideas, creates better ideas, and increases recall

Seeing content presented in a non-linear way can help audience members to more easily draw connections between information and concepts. 

And there are many many more benefits to Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. We have gathered a few over the years and you can see them here…

We Have Graphic Facilitated At Many Gatherings
of Great Minds!

Be it…

  • Conferences & Events
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Training Seminars
  • Expos & Trade Shows


  • Think Tanks
  • Product Launches
  • Product Innovation Sessions
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Hackathons
  • World Cafes
  • Even Parties!


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