Accelerate the Creation of Your Strategy without the endless meetings, endless revisions and endless confusion.

Create a Clear, Compelling, and Engaging Plan for Your Business

Dear Struggling strategy writer and CXO leader,

  • Are you struggling to create a winning company strategy?
  • Do you find yourself facing endless meetings, endless revisions, and endless confusion?
  • Are you frustrated with the traditional, top-down approach to strategy creation?
  • Do you feel like your team’s ideas and input are not being heard or considered?
  • Are you struggling to clearly communicate your vision and engage your audience?
  • Are you struggling to develop a clear, compelling company strategy that truly resonates with your team?
  • Do you find yourself spending countless hours in meetings and presentations, only to end up with a plan that feels disjointed and ineffective?

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It's time to try a different approach…

It’s strategy time! (booo!)

Let’s face it last year’s strategy (and probably all the years before) have become aging shelf-ware. Gathering dust, and cobwebs while barely looked at, referenced, or even remembered. In fact, I bet the last time you probably thoroughly read last year’s strategy – the too many page, overly dense, text-heavy document – was the final edit cycle you made before you sent it up to the board for sign off.

To think you are about to go through this process all over again to create a similar document where:

  • You spend hours writing, refining and word smithing the strategy document for it to be skimmed or barely read or understood by anyone. Except those key (fusspot!) board members.
  • The strategy document is shared… but due to its immense size and density it is hard to read and even harder to remember. As a result, key messages get lost, and your team lack the motivation and understanding they need to execute your plan effectively.
  • The strategy is written alone in some far away ivory tower. So your people don’t understand where it came from, why the decisions were made, and whats in it for them or their department. Ending with a massive lack of alignment across the organization and complete lack of buy in to the direction from the key to your success – your people.
  • The fast paced, ever changing volatile and complex world we are living in makes it ever more the challenge to take timeout to explore innovative, new, and imaginative possibilities for the future direction of the company. To examine the market, to examine other companies, other influences that make affect our company in the future. How can we be competitive if we don’t do this.
  • It is communicated but due to its size and complexity it is impossible to communicate in a succinct powerful and engaging way that people can get it in 5 mins or less. And lets be honest if it cant be communicated well has it really been understood?

But it is because you have done strategy this (crazy complex, boring, wrong) way in the past you know the results that you will get and as Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

So let’s take

a different approach…

My name is Paul Telling and I am a Visual Storyteller, creative and epic doodler. Together with Patrick Sharry Strategy Expert, UNSW Lecturer and Facilitation extraordinaire we have developed a powerful methodology that brings together a facilitated collaborative process with the power of visual storytelling to develop, write, and communicate your strategy. Halving the time it takes to develop your strategy and creating artefacts that make it easy to understand and communicate!

Our facilitated process is all about bringing together key stakeholders and experts to work collaboratively on developing and writing your company strategy. This is a rigorous process that brings in current leading thinking in the strategy space. Including things like dealing with complexity and uncertainty and how to respond to disruption. By using a facilitator to guide the process, you can ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and that the final plan is clear, compelling, and reflective of the collective vision of the group.

But that’s not all. By combining a facilitated process with visual storytelling, you can take your strategy creation to the next level and craft a winning company strategy that truly represents the collective vision and goals of your team. Here are just a few of the benefits of this powerful combination:

  • Unlock your team’s potential: Traditional, top-down approaches to strategy creation can stifle creativity and discourage collaboration. With a facilitated process, you can create an open, inclusive environment that encourages your team to share their ideas and input. This can help to unlock your team’s potential and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. They say what you design you trust and understand. By getting everyone in the room to design the way forward we build alignment and buy in before the strategy is even communicated.
  • Engage your audience: With visual storytelling, you can use images, graphics, and other visual elements to help your audience see and understand your vision in a new way. This can make your presentations and reports more engaging and effective, and help your team get on board with your plan.
  • Simplify complex ideas: When it comes to strategy creation, there are often complex ideas and concepts that can be difficult to understand. With visual storytelling, you can use graphics, diagrams, and other visual elements to help break down these ideas and make them more accessible to your audience. This can help to ensure that your team is on the same page and working towards the same goals.
  • Foster collaboration and buy-in: A facilitated process is all about bringing different perspectives together to create a comprehensive and effective plan. By using visual storytelling, you can help to foster collaboration and build buy-in among your team. This can lead to a stronger, more cohesive strategy that everyone can get behind.
  • Communicate your vision: Visual storytelling is a powerful tool for bringing your vision to life and engaging your audience. When combined with a facilitated process, you can use visual elements to help your team see and understand your vision in a new way. This can make your presentations and reports more engaging and effective, and help your team get on board with your plan.

At the end of this process you will have not only created a powerful strategy that will stand the test of time and guarantee your companys success well into the future. You will also have the visual stories and visual artefacts to communicate your strategy in the most effective and engaging way. So that your people walk away from your strategy presentation saying “I get it” and are inspired and excited about your collective future.

Are you ready to unlock the power of your company strategy? Contact us today to learn more about how our facilitated process and visual storytelling can help you create a clear, compelling, and engaging plan for your business.

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They are fun but at the same time informative and get the new features of the product across in such an engaging way. Thank you for your professionalism, guidance and support in helping us bring this content to life!”

John - Group Manager, Commercial Process & Compliance


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