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We take your meetings, messages and memos from Boring to Bad Ass! with hand drawn visuals. Engage your audience, employees, and clients through Visual Storytelling.

We will turn your ideas into easy-to-understand, captivating, and engaging visuals. Your next offsite, virtual meeting, workshop, major change program, or even a new strategy rollout. Visual storytelling can help you achieve your goals.

Our creative communication services include Graphic Recording, Hand-drawn animation videos and Infographic Illustration.

“Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered.”

Amplify The Impact Of Your Message Through The Art Of Visual Media.

The Visual Storytellers Group is Australia's forefront creative communications agency. We will bring your ideas to life through attention-grabbing visual note taking, animations, illustrations, murals and more.

“Paul did a fantastic job covering our National Conference. He able to creatively share the complex content in his drawings. They were beautiful and engaging. Our storytelling boards became a key part of our conference. People were discussing them with one another and taking photos and sharing them on social media. I highly recommend his work!

Jade Laverty

Marketing And Communications Manager - The Governance Institute ,

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Top Benefits To Work With Us

Elevate Your Message With Visual Storytelling

Command Attention

Bring focus to your meeting by taking your audience on a visual journey. Visual media more than doubles audience attention – it’s proven!

Supercharge Comprehension

Visuals make people more willing and able to process information. Pictograms, imagery, illustrations are used universally to convey messages across borders due to ease of comprehension. Let them work their magic for your message.

Inspire Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Get your audience’s creative juices flowing. Graphically presenting ideas helps people make connections they would otherwise miss.

Boost Retention

The added stimuli in the form of images and colours make it easier for people to retain what you talked about. Did you know recall is more than doubled with pictures over text?

Avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’

Graphics, and animations are both energising and entertaining. Turn your presentation from ‘boring’ to brilliant.

Encourage Sharing

Want to slay your socials? Everyone loves sharing great visual content. Social sharing amplifies your ideas to a larger audience.

Spark Conversations

Visual storytelling increases engagement, motivation and event participation. Plus they’ll be talking about your ideas long after your conference, event, or meeting ends.

Build Emotional Connections

Visuals stimulate the same area of the brain as emotions, inspiring and connecting your audience to what you have to say.

Creates Empathy

Having your thoughts captured live in visual stories creates incredible empathy. Your audience feels listened to, heard, understood and that their voice matters.

There’s A Reason We Say

‘A picture’s worth a thousand words”... the key to show-stopping message impact is through visual experiences.

In this new digital age, shorter attention spans are becoming the norm. The internet has literally trained us to consume knowledge differently. We are learning in soundbytes, or rather sight-bytes! Organisations need to be smarter at connecting with their audience. Combining visuals with text isn’t simply more engaging – it’s proven! Researchers have found that colour and visuals increase willingness to learn up to 80%! Most people are visual learners so take advantage of it!

Invite our expert visual storytellers to your events, workshop or meetings and see for yourself just how engaged your audience can be!

Let us help you:

Delight and excite your audience

Help you communicate your ideas clearly

Maximize participant engagement

Keep the momentum going after your event ends

Our Services

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Visual Notetaking Australia

Visual Notetaking

Enthrall your audience with eye-catching sketches live as you’re presenting. It’s perfect for wowing participants and creating memorable live events. You deliver your presentation as you normally would, and we’ll take care of capturing it in real time, on site, using attention-grabbing sketches and cartoons that summarize your most important points. Education and entertaining!


Turn your ideas and corporate messages into inspiring and memorable pictures. Just tell us what you want to say, and we’ll take care of conjuring it in illustrations that will perfectly capture your message and branding – like magic. It’s more than educational – it’s inspiring! Watch us take the boredom out of the boardroom.

Graphic Recording Sydney
animated video production Sydney
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Get your message across in a fun and engaging way. Animation takes illustration to another level. There’s a reason kids love cartoons. They’re captivating and colourful. We create outstanding and memorable animated videos for big kids too! No matter who the audience, let us show you a different way to tell your story.

Paul and his team brought our local Italian street festival to life with their work. We wanted to distill and display how the festival made our community feel, and with their visually appealing wall, Visual Storytellers attracted hundreds of adults and children to contribute. Encouraging creativity, fun and individuality, we now have a work of art that encapsulates our unique community, and will help us promote the festival again next year. Grazie mille!

Sarah Corry

Community Engagement Coordinator At City Of Canada Bay ,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Visual storytelling to us is the ability to use the power of visuals to help tell a story to make it more engaging, accessible and memorable. We do visual storytelling live at conferences in the form of graphic recording or live scribing. We turn content into visual stories in our studio through animation, illustration, explainer videos and the virtual digital scribing. We also train others in the power of visual storytelling in our visual storytelling keynotes, creativity keynotes and visual storytelling and graphic recording trainings.

A visual storyteller converts content usually audio content like speeches, keynotes, panels, fishbowls, podcasts, meetings etc into visually organised and structured content live in the room. Meaning a visual storyteller listens to what you say and draws it in a way that makes it clearer to understand, easier to engage with and easier to remember. With this ability a visual storyteller is then able to turn any boring content – text, documents, etc – into a visually stimulating story that is more concise, interesting and meaningful.

Visual storytelling is important because our brains are wired to think visually. Around 90% of the brain is used for visual processing. Our brains process visuals 60000 times faster than text and around 83% of all human beings are visual thinkers. Plus we have been telling stories for eons this is how our brain remembers, holds and retells information. Just ask anyone “what did you do on your weekend?” and they will tell you a story!

Graphic design is a form of visual storytelling or can be used as a form of visual storytelling but I wouldn’t say it is ‘visual storytelling’. Graphic design is a way to layout, design and form content so that it looks good, is cleaner and better to look at but it is more about style than storytelling. An awesome graphic designer will think about the objectives of their clients work much deeper and can tell a story with these design elements though.