Visual Storytelling NOT Death By Powerpoint

What If We Could Turn Your Words Into Awe-Inspiring, Jaw Dropping Visuals ‘Live’ In The Moment…


13 Sure Fire Ways Visual Storytelling Can Help You ENGAGE, INSPIRE and WOW Delegates At Your Next Event!

We will make your event, training or offsite an awe inspiring, interactively illustrated, meaningful and memorable, meeting of the minds. We will support you to put on your awesome show and capture your content and communications in cartoons live! So that your event investment is insured. Your participants will remember the event easier, retain information longer and surprise their colleagues back at the office with the fun visual synthesis of their session. We strive to ensure your purpose, your event and your speakers are Seen, Heard and Remembered!


The Visual Storytellers is an eclectic group of visual thinkers, formers and creators who love to transform your complex ideas into awe inspiring visual stories that engage the hearts and minds of your audiences even before they read anything!

Being present and listening intently to what’s being said – in meetings, events and conferences – we visually transcribe and illustrate key points using graphic recording, graphic facilitation, interactive murals and much more.

We call this ‘Visual Storytelling’ – and it goes far beyond beautiful illustrations.

Turning your ideas visual. Makes it tangible. Increases engagement, comprehension and your people will retain the information much longer.

Whether you are communicating to an audience of 1, 100 or 1000+ we can ensure you and your message are seen, heard and remembered every time!


What is Graphic Recording?

Also called Graphic Facilitation, Visual Note-Taking (and many more). At the heart of everything we do is this powerful skill of Graphic Recording/ Graphic Facilitation. Graphic Recording or Graphic Facilitation is the ability to listen intently to the spoken word. Interpret this into visuals, models and metaphors and transcribe these interpretations onto large-scale, visual masterpieces before an audience in real-time. Essentially wherever there is a gathering of people e.g. at meetings, events, conferences, workshops, keynotes, speeches and forums. We can be there to turn your Audio. Visual.

How Can We Help You Tell Your Visual Story?


Live Scribing

Have The Visual Storytellers at your next conference event or meeting and you will:


  • Increase Memory Retention
  • Engage Your Audience For Longer
  • Inspire Creativity and Innovation
  • Have Your Content Shared On Social Media

Animations/ Explainer Videos

Let us transform your complex message into a fun engaging video or animation. Helping you:





  • Communicate Efficiently and Effectively
  • Make the Complex Simple
  • Create Interest and Excitement around Your Message
  • Make Your Content Shareable or Viral

Live Murals/ Murals/ Team Walls

Transform your PowerPoint, Message, Presentation or Team vision into a large scale graphic mural and:




  • Inspire Your Team To Act
  • Engage Your Organisation To Get Behind Your Cause
  • Create Interest and Excitement around Your Message
  • Stand Out From The Crowd (Get That Promotion!)


A picture is worth a thousand words. Our illustrations are packed with information and deliver it in a unique and engaging way. That:





  • Makes the Intangible Tangible & The Complex Simple
  • Gets Your Message Shared & Understood Far & Wide
  • Inspires Action and Inspires Change In Your Org
  • Get Everyone On The Same Page

Comic Books

Who doesn’t love the funnies page in the paper or enjoys seeing politicians cartooned. We can take your story, sales message or offer and turn into a polished full colour comic book. People will:



  • Pick it up, read and engage with it before caring what it is about
  • Read it start to finish- We Can’t Help It!
  • Share it with friends, family and colleagues
  • Be delighted that you cared to make your material interesting!


What do you give the person who has everything? Well, a cartoony portrait accentuating their best features of course! We do caricatures of all sorts. You will:





  • Entertain and enthralled friends and family
  • Give the best gift at the party that will get a laugh for years to come
  • Bring to life your brand or message
  • Draw the eye to your message or posts

Courses in Graphic Recording and Visual Storytelling

We believe in the power of Visual Storytelling so much we have built a course to help your people tell their stories easily with visuals. We can tailor our course to your teams specific requirements. Your people will:





  • Learn to use Graphic Recording and Facilitation techniques
  • Learn simple glyphs and icons
  • Learn to storyboard their ideas and stories
  • Learn how to draw anything
  • Communicate their ideas easily with visuals

Event Experiences

Using all these powers combined we can create an event, conference or meeting experience that creates peoples best day at work ever! and tends to get 6months work done in 3 days! Things included can be:





  • Chatrooms and Tradeshow’s illustrated
  • Bespoke Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Live Scribing and Photography Capture of Workshop Outcomes
  • A Digital Compendium Holding All The Content
  • Creative Documentation and

Why Choose The Visual Storytellers?

  • We are event designers and facilitators. We have supported, designed and facilitated over 1000 events, workshops and meetings.
  • We are marketers and communicators. We have studied communication, speaking and how to get your message, seen, heard and remembered!
  • We are artists. Deeply creative and imaginative. Idea and creativity driven. Loving our craft.
  • We are consultants. Working for big firms have given us the ability to decipher the jargon of many industries and businesses.
  • There are a lot of people who create great pictures but don’t get the content we pride outselves on doing both.
  • Though we have had many different names over the years we remain one of the first graphic recording agencies in Australia originally starting back in 2007. Meaning we have been doing, teaching and exemplifying this for 11 years+!
  • We are storytellers. We love a good yarn and love to help you tell yours!

What People Are Saying About Us

We hired Paul as part of our #AIPM2017 conference. He was professional, friendly and helpful as he visually represented all of our keynote speakers on whiteboards. He then transformed them into beautiful coloured PDF’s that our delegates could use instead of the usual (boring) slides/notes. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough if you want a unique and eye catching way of engaging your delegates.

Eliza Judd

National Events Coordinator , Australian Institute of Project Management

Paul is a diligent and creative business consultant. Working with Paul means you are always offered solutions to problems that demonstrate his ability to “think outside the box”. As the Project Manager, I was confident that activities under Paul’s control would have the highest level of follow through and attention to detail. Even in the most difficult situations he holds his calm and focuses on achieving t he best result for the client.

Lisa McMahon

Transformation Director, BT Financial Group

Paul was the constant factor in the success of our events. He is very reliable, insightful and a good listener. He was extremely thorough with the right attention to detail and the quality of the work he pulled together was very high. He worked long hours to ensure our workshops went smoothly. He was very personable, and patient with a difficult client with a complex business problem

Tony Brennan

Executive, Lend Lease

13 Sure Fire Ways VISUAL STORYTELLING Can Help You ENGAGE, INSPIRE, And WOW Delegates At Your Event!

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