Exceed The Expectations Of Your Delegates, Extend The Value Of Your Content…

And Blow Up Your Social At Your Next Event…

(Without Blowing The Budget OR Dealing with Unreliable Suppliers)

The Visual Storytellers Group transform your audio (keynotes, panels, presentations, off-sites, workshops, interviews, podcasts, training, marketing, webinars, virtual meetings) into engaging visual comms that capture your audiences attention.

Why Are Visuals So Powerful?

Changing The Way People Meet And Remember Your Event For Over 12 Years

Join the hundreds of organisations who trust The Visual Storytellers Group to transform your complex ideas into awe-inspiring visual stories that engage the hearts and minds of your audience.


Learn The No.1 Secret That Leaders On The Bleeding Edge Use To
Get Their Message, Seen, Heard And Remembered every time!

Looking for Something Unique and Different For Your Next Event We Can Help… 

 Using Visuals as our baseline and engagement as our goal. We love to brainstorm new ways to inspire your audience, wow your attendees and engage them on a whole other level!

Why is Visual Storytelling Essential for Your Next Event?

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Visual Storytelling Inspires Creativity!

People see our work and are amazed, excited and inspired. Seeing ideas drawn helps them find connections they wouldn’t normally see.

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Visual Storytelling Helps People Remember Your Content

Pairing text with images and colour helps people remember your content.

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Visual Storytelling Helps Improve Comprehension

Drawing helps us understand information easier.

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Visual Storytelling Sparks Conversations

The artwork we produce on the day has everyone talking. Put them up in your office and the conversations continue long after the event!

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Visual Storytelling
Builds Empathy

Seeing that you are being listened to intently and your ideas captured builds incredible empathy for your subject.

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Visual Storytelling Stimulates Emotional Connections

Visuals stimulate the same area in the brain as emotions.

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Visual Storytelling Makes Content More Accessible

Adding visuals to content makes it available to a broader audience

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People Love To Share Visual Stories!

Speakers, presenters and audience members love visual notes! Sharing them across all social channels.

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If you would like to understand more about what we do here at The Visual Storytellers Group and be able to share this with your team. Download our brochure by clicking the button below. 

We Can Provide End to End Creative Comms For Your Session…

We can work with you to create visual comms and creative content through all three stages of your event . Pre- marketing, during the event and Post event marketing to ensure you maximise on your event investment and ensure event is attended, shared on social and remembered!

Capture The Thoughts Of Your Audience On a Large Scale…

Be it Your conference, a community festival, an association, senior leaders forum or gala dinner. We can activate spaces with our large interactive murals. Capturing the thoughts and experience of your audience.

We will create something different and memorable that brings delegates back, again and again, to see your visual story come to life. Sharing what makes you special and sparking conversations that help you sell with out selling.

What Makes The Visual Storytellers Group Different?

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We are old! (and hopefully wise!)

We have been drawing conversations, supporting and facilitating workshops for 12+ years! We know our craft and know what works best in different situations.

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We are Event Designers and Facilitators.

We have supported, designed and facilitated over 1000 events, workshops and meetings.

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We are Marketers and Communicators.

We have studied communication, speaking and how to get your message, seen, heard and remembered!

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We are Artists.

We are deeply creative and imaginative. Idea and creativity-driven. Loving our craft. Ideas are our middle name!

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We are Consultants.

Working for big firms have given us the ability to decipher the jargon of many industries and businesses.

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We are Storytellers

We love a good yarn and love to help you tell yours!

Take The Leap And Go Digital Engaging Larger Audiences…

With Digital Scribing we can now illustrate your event on the iPad or computer. Meaning we can walk around a room and interview participants OR project the notes large and live to the screens so everyone can see and engage with them.

Elevate Your Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Podcasts and Presentations…

It is even harder to keep your audience interested and engaged during a virtual meeting/ presentation or webinar. With virtual visual storytelling, we can ensure your audience stays engaged, feels heard and leaves aligned to decisions made.

Beyond Your Event’s We Can Amplify The Impact Of Your Message…

If your organisation is trying to align behind a strategy, get buy-in to a project or culture OR stand out in a crowded marketplace. We can help you share your story so it is seen, heard and remembered every time.


Bring your organisations story to life in pictures.

The Visual Storytellers - the life of the mattress illustrations


we can draw what you are thinking. Putting your words and thoughts into images to help your audience see what you mean.

 The Visual Storytellers - Ferragosto mural


If it’s important then communicate it with importance and grandeur with a large scale interactive visual mural.

Ready To Transform Your Next Event?

We’ll help you harness the power of Visual Storytelling to Engage your audience, Inspire their thinking and reach your goals!

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