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Communicate your ideas more effectively with fun, engaging animation

Animation is illustration on steroids. It takes graphics and imagery to the next level and is ideal for business stories that are often repeated. We’ve created outstanding and memorable videos for all kinds of audiences. Let us show you a different way to tell your story.

Why choose animation?

Inspire action, like buying or donating

Explain complex concepts and processes

Generating interest around an event or product launch

Share your story on demand

Tell the story the right way – first time, every time.

Top Benefits To Work With Us

Elevate Your Message With Visual Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

Nothing tells a story better than video. Give life to your brand and share it with the world

Explaining Complex Content

Clarifying multiple messages and challenging content is as easy as pressing ‘play’.

Advertising and Digital

Get the most out of your ad space with impactful visuals. Hand-drawn illustrations completely outshine other media and are designed to stand out in the feed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how long the animation is. How detailed the story and how bespoke or how much we need to be involved with story and script development etc. We have turned round animations in a couple of days to others taking months. At a minimum you should expect things to take an absolute minimum of 2 weeks.

We have a variety of styles costing anything from $1500-$5000+GST per minute of animation.

First thing is a meeting to discuss the process. After that at a minimum we need a signed off script to start the process.

An explainer video is really an animated explainer video or an animated video that explains a complex concept. Many businesses do complex things that even a PowerPoint, conversation or drawing can’t explain with enough clarity. With an animated explainer video, we can communicate complex ideas and concepts in a short time, get to the point and do it in an engaging way. Literally showing people what we mean so they get it the first time every time.

With all the advances in technology there really is unlimited ways that we can create explainer videos. From 2D animation to whiteboard drawing. From dynamic text to CGI. But our specialty is in 2D animated explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos and digital scribe or active sketch videos. This is where you hear a voice over and the drawing appears on screen. We also do complete 2D animation or cartoons much like your Saturday morning cartoons.

You can view all kinds of stats online to see how effective and valuable an explainer video can be for your company but the retention and understanding goes through the roof and people watch all the way to the end compared to most other videos.

Explainer videos are so impactful because they play to the way the brain works. Our brains our visual thinking and processing engines they like to solve problems and close loops. A good explainer video will play to all these factors and enthral the viewer into understanding your content.

An animated corporate video can be the same as an explainer video or it can be used to tell a different story and to reach a different objective. This can be to sell a product, teach a concept, communicate a message across the organisation, help with culture change and change management. It enables you to create the visual storytelling asset once and then roll it out at scale ensuring everyone receives the same message in the same way.

Animation video can be used to sell or market a product. To train employees. To send messages out to one – one thousand or more. To train customers in your product. To pitch your product to partners. Anywhere you need to communicate important information an animation can be used to do it once, do it well and ensure your message is received the same way in the same words every time. Saving you the time and money of repeating yourself over and over again.

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