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Communicate your ideas more effectively with eye-catching illustrations

Just tell us what you want to say, and we’ll take care of conjuring it into illustrations that will perfectly capture your message and branding – like magic. It’s more than educational – it’s inspiring! Watch us take the boredom out of the boardroom.

Where illustrations excel:

Rolling out new strategies and processes

Communicating your value proposition

Making it easier to share key messages and themes

Communicating change

Relaying a common idea or strategy

Simplifying complex ecosystems

Bringing multiple thought streams to a central idea

Types Of Illustrations We Do

Elevate Your Message With Visual Storytelling

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Presentations Slides
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Digital/ Social Media Content
Workshop Templates
Printed Artwork/Posters/Postcards
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Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
Hand Drawn Presentation Sydney
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Frequently Asked Questions

The process we go through usually starts with understanding the purpose of the illustration/ communication you want to create and how and where it will be used. From there we talk about the content you want illustrated and best ways to do this. After that it is about creating drafts and receiving feedback till you are content with your content.

This depends on your needs, the level of detail and our bandwidth. But we can turn round illustrations in 24 hours if it is required or take weeks to get it right and signed off by multiple stakeholders.

This depends on how the illustration will be used. Where it will be used. How many people will use or have access to it. Exclusivity. Detail and timeframes.

Brand illustration is the use of illustration in communicating the humour, style, story and emotion of a brand. Usually created in the brands colours and style. A brands illustration style is also captured to help other illustrators to follow this style in the creation of assets for the brand. The illustration style usually elevates principals or key values that the brand holds.

Illustrations we produce in house or in our studio our handed off to you as digital files that you can print, present, stick up or send. As long as you stick to what we discussed in the quote and contract you can use them how you see fit (as long as they stay as we have given them to you and aren’t edited or broken apart etc).
For graphic recording or visual minutes produced at a conference, event or meeting. The physical assets are given to you to use how you see fit. If you post them up around the office or you recycle them it’s up to you. We will give you high resolution digital photos of these anyway so you can create all you need out of them and archive the physical outputs if needed.

To be honest I wouldn’t use one over the other but together they can work quite well. Having hand drawn graphical elements in your work gives it a more artistic and real hand touched feeling. Like someone took the time to draw and create this. It makes it more accessible, interesting and engaging. If someone hands you a standard PowerPoint slide versus a hand drawn illustration of something you know the difference. The PowerPoint slide you look at the person to understand what it is. For a hand drawn illustration, you look at it, you explore it, you dive headfirst into it. You forget what it is and just try and understand it. This is the power of good hand drawn visual storytelling.

In order to visually scribe a topic, we don’t really need to know anything about it. It is always good to have a high-level overview and some understanding of the language you might use. But we don’t need to know it in detail. What’s more important is how you will teach it? What the flow of the day will be? How will the workshop run? So, we can set ourselves up for success. To cover all this we usually have a briefing to understand everything before the day of our scribing.

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