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Spark Inspiration With Visual Notes.

Deliver your presentation as you normally would. We’ll take care of capturing it in real time, on site, using attention-grabbing sketches and cartoons that summarize your most important points. Visual images are trip wires for emotions, a path to ensure your audience feel it, and really ‘get’ your message.

Visual notes are great for:

Engaging customers

Boosting meeting productivity

Alignment and audience focus

Memorable and impactful events

Top Benefits To Work With Us

Elevate Your Message With Visual Storytelling

Command Attention

Bring focus to your meeting by taking your audience on a visual journey. Visual media more than doubles audience attention – it’s proven!

Supercharge Comprehension

Visuals make people more willing and able to process information. Pictograms, imagery, illustrations are used universally to convey messages across borders due to ease of comprehension. Let them work their magic for your message.

Inspire Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Get your audience’s creative juices flowing. Graphically presenting ideas helps people make connections they would otherwise miss.

Boost Retention

The added stimuli in the form of images and colours make it easier for people to retain what you talked about. Did you know recall is more than doubled with pictures over text?

Avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’

Graphics, and animations are both energising and entertaining. Turn your presentation from ‘boring’ to brilliant.

Encourage Sharing

Want to slay your socials? Everyone loves sharing great visual content. Social sharing amplifies your ideas to a larger audience.

Spark Conversations

Visual storytelling increases engagement, motivation and event participation. Plus they’ll be talking about your ideas long after your conference, event, or meeting ends.

Build Emotional Connections

Visuals stimulate the same area of the brain as emotions, inspiring and connecting your audience to what you have to say.

Creates Empathy

Having your thoughts captured live in visual stories creates incredible empathy. Your audience feels listened to, heard, understood and that their voice matters.

My team and I partnered with Paul as a live scribe during a culture change workshop with senior stakeholders. It’s rare to have someone who understood facilitation, strategic/management concepts and had the creative flair to capture all of it in a compelling way. Paul took the time to deeply understand the project, client and the intended outcome. He was flexible, adaptable and comfortable creating a positive vibe with all who engaged with him. Completely invaluable and highly recommended!

Sucheta Gorolay

Manager - Bendelta ,
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How it works

Before the Event
Prepare for Picture Perfect-ion

We meet, brainstorm and collaborate with you to ensure the visual notetaking we develop for your event are on brand, meet your needs and guaranteed to wow your audience…

During the Event
Engage, Educate and Inspire

We’ll take your content and visually propel it to the next level. Capturing all critical presentation points in visual notes, live. Ensuring it is seen, heard and remembered for weeks to come.

After the Event
Extend Your Event

You will receive digital files of all your graphic recordings allowing you and your audience to relive the session time and again.. Easy share-ability keeps the momentum and buzz building well after your event ends.

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Creative Visual Notes
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Creative Visual Notes
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Boost Attention, Engagement, And Retention At Your Next Event With Visual Storytelling

Win more people over and get them talking about your ideas long after your presentation ends.