Win Your Audience Over at Your Next Conference, Event, or Meeting

There’s A Reason We Say

Spark Inspiration With Visual Notes.

Deliver your presentation as you normally would. We’ll take care of capturing it in real time, on site, using attention-grabbing sketches and cartoons that summarize your most important points. Visual images are trip wires for emotions, a path to ensure your audience feel it, and really ‘get’ your message.

Visual notes are great for:

Engaging customers

Boosting meeting productivity

Alignment and audience focus

Memorable and impactful events

Top Benefits To Work With Us

Elevate Your Message With Visual Storytelling

Command Attention

Bring focus to your meeting by taking your audience on a visual journey. Visual media more than doubles audience attention – it’s proven!

Supercharge Comprehension

Visuals make people more willing and able to process information. Pictograms, imagery, illustrations are used universally to convey messages across borders due to ease of comprehension. Let them work their magic for your message.

Inspire Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Get your audience’s creative juices flowing. Graphically presenting ideas helps people make connections they would otherwise miss.

Boost Retention

The added stimuli in the form of images and colours make it easier for people to retain what you talked about. Did you know recall is more than doubled with pictures over text?

Avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’

Graphics, and animations are both energising and entertaining. Turn your presentation from ‘boring’ to brilliant.

Encourage Sharing

Want to slay your socials? Everyone loves sharing great visual content. Social sharing amplifies your ideas to a larger audience.

Spark Conversations

Visual storytelling increases engagement, motivation and event participation. Plus they’ll be talking about your ideas long after your conference, event, or meeting ends.

Build Emotional Connections

Visuals stimulate the same area of the brain as emotions, inspiring and connecting your audience to what you have to say.

Creates Empathy

Having your thoughts captured live in visual stories creates incredible empathy. Your audience feels listened to, heard, understood and that their voice matters.

My team and I partnered with Paul as a live scribe during a culture change workshop with senior stakeholders. It’s rare to have someone who understood facilitation, strategic/management concepts and had the creative flair to capture all of it in a compelling way. Paul took the time to deeply understand the project, client and the intended outcome. He was flexible, adaptable and comfortable creating a positive vibe with all who engaged with him. Completely invaluable and highly recommended!

Sucheta Gorolay

Manager - Bendelta ,
Success Stories

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How it works

Before the Event
Prepare for Picture Perfect-ion

We meet, brainstorm and collaborate with you to ensure the visual notetaking we develop for your event are on brand, meet your needs and guaranteed to wow your audience…

During the Event
Engage, Educate and Inspire

We’ll take your content and visually propel it to the next level. Capturing all critical presentation points in visual notes, live. Ensuring it is seen, heard and remembered for weeks to come.

After the Event
Extend Your Event

You will receive digital files of all your graphic recordings allowing you and your audience to relive the session time and again.. Easy share-ability keeps the momentum and buzz building well after your event ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend you alert speakers to our presence at your event. But we don’t really distract from the speakers. It is our job to enhance the experience without taking the limelight away from the speaker. When people see us they ask themselves “What are they doing?” Then when they notice that we are capturing the content of the speaker they are engaged even more as they start to watch the speaker then check what we draw and are almost doubly engaged as they are enthralled by what is going on. Oh, and most keynotes speakers are blown away by our work and tag themselves and share it. While also wanting their own copies of the visual notes.

The ETA of the finished product really depends on the session we are capturing and the outcome you are looking for. Most sessions our visual notes are finished almost at the same time the speaker does maybe just needing another 5 minutes of tidy up. But other times we need another day. It depends on your needs and how busy we are on the day.

No. Most things we visually capture we have no idea what people will say apart from knowing the name of their speech. Keeps us on our toes! And is where our decade plus worth of experience pays off!

We cut our teeth working for the Top 4 Consulting firms working across many industry verticals and horizontals and many Fortune 500 companies. We have drawn for Media outlets, Marketing companies, Banks, Surgery machine companies, Brain injuries and medical research conferences and everything in between.

The answer is probably as expected it depends. It depends on our relationship, how the work will be used, where it will be used and what else we create with you in our bundle of services. Best thing is to request a quote or get on a call with us to discuss all your needs and we can get precise with a quote.

Visual note taking is the method of taking notes visually. Meaning a visual note-taker will listen to a speech, lesson, meeting, keynote, lecture, podcast and draw notes in real-time. They will organise, structure and create their thinking on the page using graphics, colour, shape, line, scale, contrast and connections. This means they aren’t just writing down what people are saying they are thinking and working their mind to take notes. Due to the process of visual note-taking they take more in, remember more and learn better and are able to come back to their notes and use them more effectively after the lesson.

The uses of visual note-taking are broad and varied. From taking your notes at school. To creating vision boards. To studying topics and summarising books. To capturing conference keynotes. To communicating ideas and key messages to organisations, clients or customers. Visual note-taking can be used anywhere you need to think about something and find a better way of organising and communicating it. Even if that is just to help yourself!

That is up to you. As a first port of call we produce digital copies of all the visual stories we capture on the days of your event and send them to you via Dropbox. You can then distribute them to your participants whenever and however you like. Sometimes we work with our clients to produce a specific graphic output pulling all the artwork into a single document that can be shared easily but is much better than sending a link to a Dropbox folder!

Yes! We can. With the superpowers we were given by the aliens of the planet zupora we are able to magically make any information more interesting, engaging and memorable… In all seriousness most things we can make easier to understand, enjoyable to read and more engaging…and if we can’t tell you. But there hasn’t been a topic or content yet that visual storytelling hasn’t enhanced in some way.

Let’s Get To Work!

Boost Attention, Engagement, And Retention At Your Next Event With Visual Storytelling

Win more people over and get them talking about your ideas long after your presentation ends.