The Visual Storytellers

My Story

Ferragosto 2019

Creative Communicator | Visual Recording Artist | Graphic Scribe

The ‘why’ of The Visual Storytellers is just as important to my team and I as the ‘what’.

Here’s a bit about how I came to be a corporate communication and strategic visualisation specialist.

The Early Days

I have always had a desire to do things differently and on my own terms. I was the creative, unique kid who was trying to figure out who he was.

In High School, it came time to choose subjects. I wanted to do drama, art and computing but my parents weren’t always supportive. Feeling let down, alone and isolated, I poured my emotions into my art.

When it came time to share my ideas and portfolio to my art teacher, she simply closed my diary and said “I trust you. Whatever you do will be brilliant.” I then knew I would be alright but this is why expression and creative expression became so important to me.

Career Progress

When I started working in the corporate world, I struggled to speak up and communicate in a way that made sense and people would listen.

I had a moment on a retreat where I decided I had to speak and share my experience. When I did, I had people crying, laughing and crying with joy. People said I should always be open to share and so I learned how important it was to share your voice and be able to do it well.

This inspired me to learn how to present and communicate. I also learned to facilitate rooms of 60-100 people and speak to increasingly larger audiences.

Change borne from tragedy

In 2014, I lost my best friend to suicide.

He always had depression and talked about taking his own life but had seemed to be on a positive trajectory when it happened.

I always thought, “When I get better at my own business stuff, I will help him”. I planned to get his amazing character out into the world so he could carve a space out for himself in this universe and realise he deserves to be here.

While I was never able to make this happen, the loss did inspire me to stop procrastinating and turn my own creativity and passions into a job.

Now, when I’m live scribing, creating hand drawn explainer videos or making visual recordings, I often notice how many ‘closet creatives’ are out there. I see people who wish they could share their ideas in a more creative way, bringing joy and fun into the workplace. It motivated me to reach out to more people so I can help them be seen, heard and remembered.

The Visual Storytellers has been more successful than I could have imagined and my team is steadily growing. I look forward to discovering how we can add colourful, engaging content to your next event, workshop or presentation.