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Why You Should Use Graphic Facilitation in Sydney for Your Next Meeting

Graphic facilitation in Sydney is a fascinating process in which creative professionals use large-scale drawings to guide a meeting, presentation, or seminar by basically creating the conversation visually. We use the creation of images during a live discussion to stimulate interaction and participation. This helps ideas take shape and can make the meeting more productive, as the visual map we create during the session can become a record of decisions made and the goals you want to reach.

The Importance of Graphic Facilitation in Sydney

There are many benefits to using visual facilitation in Sydney for meetings and conferences to reach your goals and become more productive. A few of them:

  • Graphic facilitation in Sydney helps everyone in the room to get on the same page as they can see the idea in front of them in an easily-understandable visual medium.
  • Recording the conversation visually can increase memory by up to 30% and it can make complex ideas easier to comprehend. Simplify your big ideas without losing their essence.

When everyone is watching the graphic facilitator, a big group can more easily maintain concentration for longer periods, so no one will be zoning out and missing half of the presentation.

How to Get More Value out of Graphic Facilitation in Sydney

Hiring a graphic facilitator in Sydney is only one step in the process of adding a new level of ingenuity to your meetings and discussions. Here are some important things to remember when incorporating visual facilitation into your event.

  • Our services represent more than just adding a wow factor to your meetings. To get the full value of our services, involve us from the beginning and integrate us into the design of your entire event.
  • Clarify the objectives of your event with your visual facilitator beforehand so they know where you’d like to steer the meeting. Let our visual planning help you to guide the meeting in that direction.
  • Let us know who the VIPs in the room are. If there are any decisionmakers we need to pay special attention to, let us know before the meeting starts. When we know who has the most decision-making power, we can better frame the information for those individuals while still appealing to everyone in the room.
  • Tell us everything about the group. Is it a new company or have you been together for years? Will the group be bored or interested from the start? Will there be tension in the group or possible misunderstandings? Will the meeting go quickly or can we take our time?

The Visual Storytellers have a collective decade of experience. We are passionate about working with you to create engaging and educational learning experiences, and we believe in building a long-term relationship so we can collaborate as often as you need it for events of any size, and we will get to know you and your company along the way.

Whether you are trying to inspire your employees to act or communicate company-wide changes, graphic facilitation in Sydney can benefit you and your business and help your team to become more proactive and think visually about shared priorities. Contact us today to find out how we can help you by live illustrating your next meeting.

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