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Simplify Your Message With Visual Storytelling

Have your ideas illustrated and be seen, heard and remembered every time.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Let our corporate illustrators transform your basic message or model into a mesmerising creative communication that will motivate your customers, educate and inspire your team.

From pre-prepared presentations to onsite whiteboard animation, we make the intangible tangible.

Why Choose Us For Corporate Illustration Services?

The creative experts at The Visual Storytellers can take any idea or concept and work with you to produce a visual story, model or illustration that summarises what you are trying to say into an engaging and powerful visual that everyone will understand, remember and want to share.

Here are some of the ways our corporate illustration services can create messages that your clients, audience or team will remember:

  • Depict a customer journey
  • Create a takeaway for your training
  • Share what you do with those who matter
  • Transform a multi-page pdf into something worth reading
  • Create a pitch for some new work
  • Build and communicate your strategy
  • Communicate your project and outcomes
  • Illustrate your project updates
  • Present new ideas or concepts
  • Take the complex and make it simple
  • Illustrate ideas live on a whiteboard during your meeting or offsite

Let us amplify your ideas through illustration!

We Get To Know Your Objectives

More than visual artists, we’re motivated to understand your mission so we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Our team is highly professional and has corporate-world communication experience so we will be resourceful, proactive and reliable while helping you with live whiteboard animations or corporate illustrations.


Human beings are ‘visually wired’. We can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second. It only takes 150 milliseconds for a symbol to be processed, and 100 milliseconds to attach meaning to it.

Using imagery is a powerful way to help visualise strategy and structure, history & context, important content & data, or the journey ahead–and communicate it in an accessible, engaging and shareable way.


Each project is different so we take that into consideration. Our services include all or some of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Initial call and consult
  • Gathering of materials: We gather together your content, reference materials, logos and brand guidelines
  • ‘Extreme draft’ illustration and review
  • Black and white draft and review
  • Colour final
  • Final review
  • Final art produced

You can also contact us for live, in-person whiteboard animation for your next meeting or offsite.

To find out more and request a quote, contact us today.