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50 Years Celebration

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The Visual Storytellers Group were asked to be part of BESydneys 50th Birthday celebrations to capture the opinions, stories and birthday wishes of the great Event Institutions in the room. To capture a part of history. As we were in the powerhouse museum and under the moon. We brought our own element of the future by walking around and interviewing guests and drawing their responses while the drawing was also being streamed by Airplay to the large screen. This meant all delegates could watch and read the responses as they were captured in real-time.

This brought a spectacle, creativity and a conversation point to the event that hadn’t been seen before and impressed the delegates and event team alike. The illustration that was created in the room will be shared with delegates post the event and the time-lapse video of the drawing will be used in video content of the whole birthday celebrations.

It was a real honour and privilege to be part of an incredible institutions 50th Birthday and to hear the great stories from our industry.