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MEA Evolve 2019 – A Visual Storytellers Group Experience

MEA Evolve 2019


Event Industry conference

We were lucky enough to be part of MEA EVOLVE 2019

The Visual Storytellers were asked to be part of the Meetings and Events Associations 2019 conference “Evolve 2019”. This was a chance for us to showcase our work and share the power and possibilities of using Visual Storytelling in your event/ conference/ meeting/ shindig or hoot-a-nanny!

We all know the POWER of story and that the stories you tell about your business and your event are important. That they can draw or divert the crowds to or away from your event.

The Visual Storytellers Group aim to support and collaborate with event professionals to create stories and content that

“Extend the VALUE of your event. BEYOND THE ROOM”


“Amplify the IMPACT of your MESSAGE”

We looked at the whole life cycle of the event from pre-event to during and post-event and created a few offerings to support the MEA in bringing the inaugural Evolve conference to life. The culmination of all these efforts are below.


There are many things we could do to support the pre-event objectives that are really all about getting people to come to the event and buy tickets!… Of course we are also preparing for an awesome event and ensuring there is awesome content and experiences for the delegates who do choose to come along.

We discussed a few offerings of animations, posters and illustrations for marketing purposes and for bringing to life basic event information etc.

We also discussed offerings for sponsors and booth holders. What experiences or added value could we create for these in a visual story that communicated quickly who they are, what they were offering and why you should be interested.

In the end we produced two animations that were to be used to market the event and keynote speakers on social media. We also created some examples of quick placards that could be on booths to quickly communicate what you could expect from entering. These placards were not used in the end due to timing.

See the examples below…



This is where the fun really began!

We started the creation of a large mural that would capture and tell the whole story of the event keynotes, streams and key ideas and thoughts of the delegates.

With a 3m x 6m wall created by Moreton Hire we had a massive blank canvas to start creating and capturing the essence of MEA Evolve.

I won’t bore you with all the details (you can watch how this was created on the video below) Essentially we had illustrated some of the key talks from across the streams of the event. We also gathered feedback, ideas, thoughts and key takeaways from the delegates on the breaks to pull together the content
of the mural.

See the video below… after that lets talk keynote speakers..

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