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MEA Evolve 2019 – We will see you there!

Ty Curtis Promo Video for MEA Evolve 2019

MEA Evolve 2019

We are really excited to be support the Evolve 2019 Conference in Brisbane this year.

In order to extend the value of the event beyond the room… We have created a series of speaker promo animations in the lead up to the event.

During the event we will be digitally scribing the key note speaker sessions, while also producing a massive mural of 2.5 x 6m size of all the key insights gained from the participants over the 6 tracks of talks happening during the session.

And finally in the wrap up. Participants will recieve the illustrations we have captured of each session. A picture of the mural and a timelapse of the mural being created.

Through each of these phases we are trying to develop content that is not only a great memory of the event, is a great spectacle that people can enjoy during the session but that it is inheritantly valuable in what it represents. Ie its not just art for arts sake or a gimmick. This is content that is of value to both participants, people at home and the association who are putting on the session.

All of this together will create a lasting memory and a visual story that will continue far beyond the days of the conference.

Look forward to meeting anyone who will be there in two weeks time!

Our team will be there from 31st March to 2nd April come say hi at the mural! OR booth 29!

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