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SSE Turns 1 – A Timeline Mural Story

The Sydney School For Entrepreneurship Turns One!

How do you capture all your achievements of your first year in a way that creates an experience at your celebration that engages, inspires and
excites your guests?

It began with a half page A4 illustration and an idea…

The Visual Storytellers were brought in to help bring to life the foundation, forming and activities of the first year of the ground breaking Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE). Having worked previously for the team at their EDUHACK session, we were super excited to be invited back to work with their awesome team on another project.

Initially we were asked to turn a boring and stale graphically designed timeline into something that showed the energy, joy, dynamic nature and true spirit of SSE’s first year.

This was to be created in two forms: one for a report and one as a mural for the night of the celebration.

Sitting down with Susie Gemmell (Head of Engagement) we instantly seemed to see eye-to-eye and we could see clearly how this was going to look. But Susie had other ideas…enter Jen Wells-Scherrer (Head of Production at ThinkBone) who Susie had collaborate with us to extend the reach of our visual storytelling even further.

We were going to draw the mural, Jen and her team would film us in time lapse and the whole experience would be used to bring awareness to #SSEturns1, their birthday celebrations and a true milestone in any startup’s history!

See the video below…

ONE Illustration, Incredible Value…

Creating great content can be challenging but creating content that inspires, educates, engages and excites is almost impossible.

But, that’s what we aspire to do with everything we put our hand to here at The Visual Storytellers. We endeavour to create incredible value from our work that helps you be seen, be heard and be remembered every time!

Working with SSE, we produced a half A4 timeline for their report which you can see below. This illustration was the frame work and beginnings of our mural.

The mural was produced on whiteboards in one day of fast drawing!! (a half day of planning by us, a half day of dreaming by us,  a half day of pulling dates and research together by SSE) but in one day, with the video crew, we had an awesome mural, and great video content.

The whiteboard mural was then photographed and digitally coloured to have digital assets to use on the website. These assets were also printed out and stuck up on the night to produce the history mural for the SSETurns1 celebrations.

The history mural created an incredible experience and talking point for the night and gave attendees the ability to see themselves in the journey and their contribution to the formation of this ground-breaking collaboration of 11 universities in NSW.

You could see attendees chatting, pointing, engaging and photographing the mural all night long. It really created an experience of meaning and excitement.

With one illustration we created a report, a mural, a video, an experience and massive engagement on social media and in person.

We saved SSE time and created heaps of content with one mural.

This is the power of visual storytelling!

Photos below of the mural on the night!

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