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Make your Message Clear with a Whiteboard Animation Video in Sydney

You’ve probably already seen them. Whiteboard animation videos are everywhere on the web these days and for good reason. These types of videos are highly effective marketing and presentation tools that engagingly deliver information—and now you can get your own whiteboard animation video in Sydney that will tell your story and communicate your ideas like never before.

Common Mistakes People Make with a Whiteboard Animation Video in Sydney

Video marketing strategies such as whiteboard animations can be a useful technique, but just as with any other tool it’s important that you avoid some common pitfalls that could cause your message to fall flat:

  • Being ‘Hands-Off’: Including a hand in your whiteboard animation that draws your story gives it a human touch and is precisely what makes your video a whiteboard style animation and not just another cartoon.
  • Ignoring the White Space: A whiteboard should be, well, white. When you opt for a coloured background, the illusion of your drawing being a true whiteboard video is shattered (see the point above). While white might seem bland, a blank white canvas is an essential place to begin.
  • Setting the Wrong Tone: Context is everything when it comes to whiteboard animation videos. This style of communication is meant to be fun and even whimsical in nature. If your message or your brand is intended to be serious or formal, you may risk appearing too casual or insincere. Choose when and why you want to use this style of video wisely, however, and it can deliver in spades.

As you can see, there’s more to marketing with a whiteboard animation video than may meet the eye. Getting the most out of your videos is something that takes skill, planning and a holistic understanding of what will connect with your intended audience in the most meaningful way possible.

Related services we provide to Whiteboard Animation in Sydney

Want to deliver messages to your customers or team that make an impact? Consider some of these other related services that the Visual Storytellers Group offers:

  • Graphic Recording and Facilitation Services: Wow your clients, staff members or anyone else in the room with the help of our professional artists, designers and communicators. We’ll make complex ideas simple and record every important conversation relevant to your event or meeting.
  • Conference Management Packages: We deliver fantastic conference packages full of quality communications material that makes your event management easier. You may be able to double the value of your speaker investment and leverage the power of visual storytelling at your next event with the help of our visual facilitators.
  • Graphic Recording Training: Want to try your hand at learning some of the most effective graphic recording techniques? Attend a Sydney area workshop, and you’ll gain essential insights into how graphic recording and facilitation may be able to transform your meetings and presentations and make them more engaging.

About the Visual Storytellers Group

The Visual Storytellers Group has over ten years’ experience in helping businesses build engagement and memory retention with their teams and clientele. By inspiring creativity through a variety of visual media, we have established strong partnerships with organisations in Sydney and across Australia who trust us for delivering innovative graphic facilitation and communication solutions that provide reliable results.

Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with the people who matter most in your organisation. Contact The Visual Storytellers group to get a get a custom tailored whiteboard animation video done in Sydney that makes sure your business’s message gets heard.

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