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Whiteboard Storytelling Sydney

Whiteboard Storytelling Sydney

The Power of Whiteboard Storytelling Explainer Videos in Sydney

A whiteboard explainer video often takes storytelling, great animation, and learning and combines it to create videos that are educational while still being engaging for virtually any target audience. Originally these videos were made by an artist drawing on an actual whiteboard and recording it with a camera, much like the “draw my life” videos many of us have come across on YouTube. Whiteboard storytelling in Sydney can take a topic and breathe new life into it by making it visually exciting and informative.

Tips Regarding Whiteboard Storytelling in Sydney

There are many different ways to create fantastic whiteboard storytelling videos, all informed by creativity, useful information synthesis, and storytelling abilities. When you work with The Visual Storytellers Group, our simple, knowledgeable use of these three tips will give you the results you deserve in the form of an amazing white board sketch video in Sydney.

  • Nobody can resist a well-told story. We tell stories to create an informative, engaging whiteboard explainer video in Sydney.
  • We keep our videos for Sydney businesses traditional, but not too traditional. We stick to the three main elements of a whiteboard storytelling video (the hand, the white background, and the doodles) but we give it a spin by incorporating colours, characters, and emotional references.
  • We make our videos educational by maintaining engagement and a lively tempo. People learn information and retain it for longer when they are captivated by the story we create using your information. Our videos also represent on-brand fun, and we tailor them to our clients so they get the most out of our videos and can use them as assets to get others excited about the conversation.

What You Can Expect from The Visual Storytellers with Whiteboard Storytelling in Sydney

We pride ourselves on not only acting as illustrators. We are designers, artists, animators, speakers, communicators, consultants, and facilitators. We can provide an entire package of creativity hand-designed for your business. Here’s how:

  • We always try to build long-lasting relationships with our clients so you can make use of our services repeatedly and we will get to know your company better and better over time.
  • We pride ourselves on simplifying complex ideas and making them extremely easy to understand so your audience feels completely included and heard. You can expect excellent service and hands-on attention.
  • The Visual Storytellers are unmatched in their creativity. We will always work as hard as we can to come up with new, brilliant ideas to make your information interesting and easy to understand.

We always aim to take a broad view of your communication challenges, whether you’re preparing for a tough meeting or a huge conference, so no matter how fun and lively our white board videos are, they never lose sight of your core objectives. You can trust The Visual Storytellers Group to use our cultivated creativity to collaborate with you to overcome barriers from a unique angle using whiteboard storytelling in Sydney.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer to grow creative solutions to the modern-day problem of getting information across without making everyone in the room bored and sleepy. We offer graphic recording, graphic facilitation, live murals, comic books, and graphic recording training.

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